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You probably have heard of or even know someone who is obsessed with permanent jewelry, but you still don't really know what it is. Don't worry, I got you! 

Permanent jewelry is jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, anklet) that is claspless and therefore seamless because the chain is welded at both ends. The welded chain is now on your body and is not as easily removed as other jewelry pieces that have clasps.

This design concept is gaining popularity for several reasons:

  1. Streamlined Aesthetic: permanent jewelry offers a minimalist and sleek look. Without the interruption of a clasp or closure, the design appears continuous and can create a more cohesive and elegant appearance.

  2. Durability: The absence of a clasp reduces the risk of breakage or damage that can occur with traditional jewelry clasps. This makes closed-loop jewelry more durable and suitable for everyday wear.

  3. Comfort: Jewelry without a clasp can be more comfortable to wear, as there are no sharp edges or mechanisms that can pinch or irritate the skin.

  4. Symbolism: The continuous design of closed-loop jewelry can symbolize eternity or an unbroken bond, making it a popular choice for wedding rings and other sentimental pieces.

  5. Modern Appeal: permanent jewelry aligns with the modern and minimalist design preferences of many consumers, making it a fashionable choice.

Common examples of permanent jewelry include:

  • Permanent necklaces: A chain or pendant that is seamlessly connected without a clasp.
  • Permanent bracelets: Bracelets designed as a continuous loop without an opening.
  • Permanent rings: Rings that do not have an open shank or adjustable sizing.

This trend is particularly popular because it requires a more precise sizing process since it cannot be easily adjusted like jewelry with clasps. It's advisable to work closely with a permanent jewelry artist who specializes in this type of design to ensure a perfect fit!

Now that you know what it is, keep reading for answers to your most probably follow up questions:

How can I take it off? 

In order for the jewelry piece to come off, you'll have to cut it off. It's easily cut with regular scissors at home. 

Is it painful?

No, the welding does not touch your skin and therefore it isn't painful or "permanent" as a tattoo would be, but rather "long-lasting" since it does not have a clasp making it more temporary.

What are the chains/jewelry made of?

At Beso del Sol Boutique we only use the highest quality materials so that they are long-lasting, waterproof, hypoallergenic and safe. We offer 14K solid gold, 14K gold filled and sterling silver. 

What happens if I need to cut it off?

If you have to cut off your jewelry for any reason, you can save the chain and you can get it re-welded on for free if you got your original jewelry made by me! 

What's the intention behind permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry in 2023 is trending more than ever before. It's used for making a moment/event/special date memorable and extra special by sharing the experience of getting permanent jewelry done with your loved ones. Permanent jewelry is popular for anniversaries, engagements, weddings, birthdays, overcoming addiction, remembering a loved one who passed and many other reasons. 

How can I book a private party or appointment with you?

You can click on the top banner of our website to schedule your appointment. If you want to book us for your wedding or bridal party, message us today for details and availability. 

Where can I see your work?

You can follow us on Instagram and TikTok for videos and photos on our work, inspiration designs and ideas! 

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